5th Cretan Energy Conference 2020

The upcoming International Conference and Exhibition is on 30-31 October 2020. Additionally, it’s organized the National Conference on 1-4 November 2020. Both events are organized by Cretan Energy Conferences at Crete.
FREE Entrance Event!


International Conference and Exhibition October 30th-31th



Under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Energy and Environment and Hellenic Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy Cretan Energy Conference (CEC) is honoured to organise the "5th Cretan Energy Conference & Exhibition" in Greece.

The event will present a unique platform to bring together national authorities, industry executives and experts from Greece, Mediterranean and other countries in order to share information and insights related to the energy, shipping and sustainable growth. With FREE entrance attendees from local authorities, regulators, institutes, society, academia, industries will have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights of the energy and shipping sector via Presentations, Workshops and Exhibitions and connect with various stakeholders and decision - makers.



Download the tendative agenda of the 5th Cretan Enenrgy Conference and contact us to learn more about the conference, how to attend or how to become a sponsor
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