Adamantios Mitsotakis


Dr.Adamantios(Adamis) Mitsotakis is a Research associate at CERTH/CPERI since 2014. He is political scientist (Panteios Univ. of Athens) with Phd in History of International Relations  (Greek-Israeli Relations- Univ. Nanterre-X, Paris). He has long experience in International business &communication, European programs in transport (LNG marine), energy (CCUS) and vocational training (Marco Polo program). He has also expertise in organization, operation and installation facilities in measurement of air pollutants. He has participated in several National and European projects for promotion of LNG marine, District heating Natural Gas and LPG, development of action plans in measurement of air pollutants in Greek Ports and abroad, logistics of CNG in transport of Heavy Vehicles and logistics of LNG in Greek Islands for transport &energy plants. He is also involved in planning of projects related to Green Hydrogen.19 publications in scientific journals and conferences, participation in several workshops and seminars.