Efthimios Tartaras

, Geoscience Manager & Management Consultant

Efthimios holds a BS in Geology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and MS and PhD degrees in Geophysics from the University of Utah, with a specialization in 3D geophysical modelling and inversion. He has conducted research in advanced imaging and inversion algorithms for subsurface characterization and has worked on the modelling and interpretation of surface, borehole and airborne geophysical data for hydrocarbon, mineral and geothermal exploration. He has held various senior management and business development positions in the Oilfield Services industry, where he managed large multi-disciplinary teams working on G&G data integration and was responsible for global sales and marketing of multi-physics services, including software, data acquisition, processing and interpretation. He has recently returned to Greece to manage HHRM’s Geoscience department and to provide management consultancy services in the fields of hydrocarbon exploration and new energy projects.