Evangelos Karfopoulos

, Institute of Communication & Computer Systems (ICCS)

Dr. Evangelos Karfopoulos received the Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the NTUA in 2006. He received the PhD degree for his research on the “Optimal Management of Electric Vehicles for their efficient and effective integration into electricity networks” (NTUA, 2017). From 2008-2019, he worked as senior researcher at ICCS in the e-mobility area, distributed optimization He has actively participated in several European projects undertaking the role of Technical Coordinator in many of them, and national projects with HEDNO. He has been employed by the PPC and the HEDNO as researcher on e-mobility aspects and metering specifications. Moreover, he was external consultant of the HEDNO for e-mobility aspects (2016-2019). Furthermore, he served as Senior Researcher at Intracom-Telecom focusing on distributed energy flexibility markets. He served as a tutor in (Asymmetric) Power System Analysis courses in ECE-NTUA. He has published a number of articles in scientific journals and conferences. Currently, he is serving as Senior Project Manager at I-SNESE research group, NTUA