Igal Hasson

CEO, Petrolsec, Security Experts

• Mr. Igal Hasson has over 35 years of experience designing, developing, managing and leading security projects worldwide.
• Mr. Hasson is Co-Owner and CEO of PETROLSEC and the owner and President of Defender Security Group (DSG is a co-founder of PETROLSEC).
• The companies have been providing comprehensive security solutions for the Energy Industry, Critical Infrastructure, Oil and Gas Sector, Safe-Cities, Alternative energy, Maritime and Aquaculture sectores.
• Mr. Hasson has been leading the development of pioneering and innovative concept for energy essential facilities and he is the founder of the security disposition of the Israeli Natural Gas Projects.
• In those projects the companies have been developing unique security solutions that protects critical infrastructures, including to some of the world’s most acute security challenges.
• Mr. Hasson was the owner of Magnum SA. Under his leadership, the company became one of the largest security technology companies operating in Latin America, with a list of clients that included the Vatican, Governments, International Organizations, Embassies, Ministries and other governmental entities as well as hundreds of international and local companies.
• Mr. Hasson holds a rank of Navy Officer (ret).