Nikos Chaniotakis

Professor of Chemistry, University of Crete

Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete.

Professor of chemistry, President and Executive Director of the University of Crete, Property Development and Management Company, Ex-Dean of The School of Science and Engineering Scientific Program Manager of the Region of Crete project: “Enrichment and Upgrading of e-Learning Infrastructures and Services at the University of Crete”, coordinator of the Spectroscopy Laboratory of the Department of Chemistry, director of the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry.

Studied at the University of Minnesota, University of Michigan, ETH Zurich.Visiting professor at Tufts University, MA, Miami University.  Worked with Orion Research-Thermo Electron co. founder of Electrochemical Analytical Systems.Published more than one hundred scientific articles in peer reviewed journals and was invited speaker in numerous International and Greek conferences.Research interests include the use of novel nanomaterials for the development of electrochemical catalysis systems for hydrogen generation, bio-chemical sensor development, chemical analysis, STEM Education.