Spyridon Bellas

Principal Researcher, Institute of Petroleum Research IPR/FORTH (ΙΤΕ/ΙΠΕ)

Dr. Spyridon Bellas

Upstream Expert with over a decade of experience in the Oil & Gas sector. Since Q4 2016
Spyros is Vice President of the Hellenic Hydrocarbons Resources Management SA (HHRM), a
State Company. In 2011 he became a key player in the hydrocarbons Working Group
(Ministry of Environment & Energy, Upstream Sector: Hydrocarbons Directorate). He is
Chair, Member and negotiator in various Evaluation Committees for Licensing and
Geophysical acquisition, State representative for QC onboard the PGS MC survey (2012-
2013), Oil & Gas Expert of the EFG (European Federation of Geoengineers).
He studied Geology at Patras University, Greece and holds a Ph.D. from Freie Universtität
Berlin (FU-Berlin, Germany, Q1 1997), studying bio- and sequence-stratigraphy and basin
evolution of deep water clastics (western Greece “Ionian flysch”), mixed systems and
applied world-wide correlations of analogue petroleum-geological systems. Post-Doctoral
fellow of IKY in 2000-2001 (State Scholarships Foundation of Greece in collaboration with
the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research). From 1997 to 2009 he lectured at the Geoscience
Dept. of FU-Berlin and carried out research on bio-, sequence -stratigraphy and evolution of
sedimentary basins focusing in the Mediterranean Sea (International Continental Drilling
Project ICDP, on-shore Crete, Peloponnesus, various oceanographic cruises, i.e. Malta with
“Meteor” Research Vessel), Poland & Spain. Between 2002 and 2010 worked as senior
geoscientist in QC at the Central Laboratory of Public Works, Geo-Engineering Dept., Athens,
while lecturing applied geology at various Universities (Aegean, Patras, Athens). He has
published more than thirty scientific articles in peer reviewed journals and was invited
speaker in numerous International and Greek congresses (NAPE, APPEX, ICE, AAPG, EAGE,
ΕΓΕ, etc.).