Vasilis Tiriakidis

, B & T

Vasilis Tiriakidis is a passionate engineer, businessman, entrepreneur with over 3 decades of extensive experience in the fields of innovation, management and marketing techniques. He established B&T Composites to focus on R&D and manufacturing of composite products using a unique but demanding manufacturing method, filament winding, using mainly carbon and glass fibers. He brings a vast knowledge on advanced composites for marine, automotive and industrial applications, the biggest part of which are exported worldwide. Vasilis is highly ambitious and plays an integral role in several European and global projects that include universities and business associations. Embracing the benefits of hydrogen and aiming to contribute to the strategic EU objectives for a climate-neutral Europe, his last achievement is the submission and positive evaluation, by the Greek Government and the EC of an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) in the hydrogen sector.

His company has received multiple awards for the contribution to leadership and strategic experience in company management.